Minutes of the Third International Engineering Science Consortium Meeting

Meeting Room E/1315, KTH Royal Institute of Technology Lindstedtsvägen 3, Stockholm, Sweden


Prof. Genta Kawahara Osaka University
Prof. Masao Tanaka Osaka University
Prof. Anjam Khursheed National University of Singapore
Prof. Jason Foster University of Toronto
Prof. Nick Tyler University College of London
Prof. Chien Ming Wang University of Queensland
Prof. Leif Kari KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Helena Legnell KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Elin Wiljergård KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Sofia Nyström KTH Royal Institute of Technology

1. Call to order(Attachment1)

Chairman Genta Kawahara opened the meeting and presented the agenda. The agenda was approved.

2. Introduction of meeting attendees(Attachment2 and Attachment3)

The meeting participants introduced themselves (currently five in addition to University College of London). The new nominated member of the IESC Consortium, University of Queensland, was introduced by Prof. Chien Ming Wang (University of Queensland). The university will take a decision concerning membership later on. Please see attachment.

3. Welcome address

Leif Kari, Chair of the IESC Symposium 2017, expressed his gratitude to the members for their participation.

4. New Members for IESC

Currently, the 5 partner institutions are spread out in 3 main continents, namely Asia, Americas and Europe. At the moment, the strategy is to focus on the University of Queensland as a member in the near future. Later, the focus will be on the other candidates below.

  • * Europe: ETH, Zurich
    • Prof. Kari reported on the possibility of participation. He has been in contact with Maddalena Velonà, ETH Zurich.  Leif recommends them as a new member. Discussions are ongoing.
  • * North America: Cornell University
    • On behalf of Prof. Kortschot, Kawahara reported on the possibility of participation. Discussions with Martha E. Pollack, President of Cornell University, are ongoing.
  • * Asia-Oceania: The University of Queensland
    • The University of Queensland will soon take a decision regarding membership. Please see point 2.

It was decided that in addition to these three possible members above, Prof. Anjam Khursheed, National University of Singapore, will investigate if University of Hongkong, could be a possible membership candidate. The status will be presented at the next meeting.

5. Renewal of Consortium MOU

Chairman presented the Renewal of Consortium MOU. By November 2017: - The members will review the MOU and come back with comments. - New members will be added in an appendix. By March 2018: - A new final MOU will be presented and signed in March 2018.

6. Nomination for the next Consortium Secretariat

It was decided that Osaka University will continue to run the Consortium Secretariat for the next two years.

7. Nomination for the next Chairperson for IESC

Leif Kari, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, was elected as the new chairman for IESC.

8. Review of Student Exchanges and Internships(Attachment6)

Further improvement concerning student exchange and internships was discussed. The website will be updated with new data/ links to other universities. It was decided that all meeting members will provide Genta Kawahara with information.

9. International Engineering Science Program (including short-term program)

It was decided that a list of Engineering science courses, that all members has in common, will be created. The members will send the information to Genta Kawahara.

10. Collaborative educational programs between partner institutions

It was discussed that collaborative educational programs between IESC members on a higher level like on a Ph.D. level could be a possibility. Please send contact person information for the website to Genta Kawahara.

11. Research Collaborations

It was discussed if research exchange rather than course exchange should be given priority. It was decided that the members will provide Genta Karakawa with information to put on the website.

12. IESC Website (http://www.engineering-science.org/)

The website is under construction. Information from the members will be sent to Genta Kawahara such as: Exchange student results, links to courses, links to departments, summary of the IESC Symposium and photos.

13. Next IESC Meeting and Symposium

25-26 June 2019 is suggested to be the date for the next IESC Meeting and Symposium. University of Toronto, Canada, is suggested to chair the next Meeting and Symposium. Genta Kawahara will send out the proposal to the members.

14. Other matters to be discusses

Anjam Khursheed suggested that IESC could organize an Energy sustainability competition for students, including involved sponsors, in connection to the next Symposium. Nothing was decided in the meeting.

The IESC University's different structure concerning the concept of "Engineering Science" was discussed.

15. End of the meeting

The Chairman thanked all participants for their interest and closed the meeting.



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