International Engineering Science Program

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Cornell University  Cornell Engineering/Applied & Engineering Physics

Here is Cornell Applied & Engineering Physics website: https://www.aep.cornell.edu/aep

Their Undergraduate Program information can be found here

Their Graduate Program information can be found here

KTH Royal Institute of Technology / School of Engineering Sciences

National University of Singapore / Engineering Science Programme, College of Design and Engineering

Osaka University / Graduate School of Engineering Science, School of Engineering Science


1.Course study

Lectures below are taught in English.
The number of modules is not limited.
○=Annual classes, * =Biennial classes

2(○) Solid State Spectroscopy Akira SEKIYAMA,Takayuki KISS
2(○) Introduction to magnetism and spintronics Yoshishige SUZUKI,Hikaru NOMURA
2(○) Molecular Nanotechnology Hirokazu TADA,Ryo YAMADA
2(○) Theoretical Materials Science Koichi KUSAKABE
2(○) Photophysics of Nanoscale Materials Masaaki ASHIDA,Masaya NAGAI
1(○) International Exchange Lecture on Nanoscience and Nanoengineering B Seiji TAKEDA, and others
1(○) International Exchange Lecture on Nanoscience and Nanoengineering C Seiji TAKEDA, and others
2(○) Advanced Fluid Mechanics Michio OTSUKI
2(○) Biomechanics Shigeo WADA, Tomohiro OTANI,Naoki TAKEISHI
2(○) Biosystem Engineering Yasuyuki SUZUKI
2(○) Soft Robotics Masahiro SHIMIZU
1(○) Topics in Mathematical Statistics 3 Fuyuhiko TANAKA, and others
1(○) Topics in Mathematical Statistics 4 Fuyuhiko TANAKA, and others
2(○) Data Science and Case Studies I JONGCHAN Lee
2(○) Nonlinear System Theory Takashi MATSUBARA
2(○) Introduction to Engineering Science Lectures from each division
2(○) Solid State Devices Masayuki ABE, and others
2(○) Advanced Mathematical Science A Michinori ISHIWATA, and others
2(○) Science and Engineering of Correlated Electron Materials Koichi IZAWA,Masaaki SHIMOZAWA
2(○) Advanced magnetism and spintronics Yoshishige SUZUKI,Hikaru NOMURA
2(○) Properties of Materials Shintaro ISHIWATA,Hidekazu MUKUDA
1(○) Bio-Inspired Chemical Engineering1 Hiroshi UMAKOSHI,Yukihiro OKAMOTO
1(○) Bio-Inspired Chemical Engineering2 Hiroshi UMAKOSHI,Yukihiro OKAMOTO
2(○) Frontier of Nano-scale Materials Hajime ISHIHARA, and others
1(○) International Exchange Lecture on Nanoscience and Nanoengineering A Seiji TAKEDA,and others
2(○) Advanced Experimental Mechanics Keitaro HORIKAWA
2(○) Stability Analysis of Dynamical Systems Atsushi NISHIKAWA
2(○) Advanced Computational Mechanics Akio ISHII
2(○) Medical Virtual Reality Sei IKEDA
2(○) Advanced Optoelectronics Tadao NAGATUMA,Masayuki FUJITA
2(○) Signal Analysis Theory Yoji IIGUNI
2(○) Intelligent Robotics Hiroshi ISHIGURO
1(○) Topics in Mathematical Sciences 3 Masaaki FUKASAWA, and others
1(○) Topics in Mathematical Sciences 4 Masaaki FUKASAWA, and others
2(○) Intelligent Mathematical Programming System Naoki HAYASHI
2(○) Advanced Physical Chemistry Hiroshi MIYASAKA,and others
2(*) Advanced Organic Chemistry Takeshi NAOTA,and others
2(*) Chemical Reaction Engineering Norikazu NISHIYAMA
2(*) Opto- and Quantum Electronics Atsushi SANADA,and others
2(*) Advanced Mathematical Science B Michinori ISHIWATA,and others
2(*) Advanced Mathematical Science C Hidehiro KAISE,and others

Detailed outline of courses and credits (Handbook)
For more details regarding professors, click here

2.Lab work
FrontierLab Mini

We provide international students with opportunities to learn in a research group of Graduate School of Engineering Science within 12 weeks under the close supervision of the faculty, through experiments, peer consulting, group work and interactive discussions.


2 weeks ( 90 hours) 2 credits
4 weeks ( 180 hours) 4 credits
6 weeks ( 270 hours) 6 credits
8 weeks ( 360 hours) 8 credits
10 weeks ( 450 hours) 10 credits
12 weeks ( 540 hours) 12 credits

Requirements: Final presentation or research report
Click here for more details FrontierLabMini_Program_Flyer.pdf


1.Course study

Lectures in Japanese language are available.

2.Lab work
FrontierLab Mini

Same as the one for graduate students.
For more information, please contact Maggie Minako Suzuki, International Planning and Promotions Office
Graduate School of Engineering Science,Osaka University
E-mail: <mailto:kokusai@ad.es.osaka-u.ac.jp> kokusai@ad.es.osaka-u.ac.jp

Study Abroad Consortium Report

The following are reports written by OU students who have gone to do research/study at the consortium universities. A password is necessary, and so please contact Ms. Minako Suzuki at kokusai@ad.es.osaka-u.ac.jp for details. Note that the reports are written in Japanese.

University of Toronto 基礎工学部国際コンソーシアムを利用した四年次の留学 島崎 拓人 PDF
KTH Royal Institute of Technology 日本と瑞典との相違点 真田 祐彌 PDF
University of Toronto トロント大学への短期留学を通じて 杉本 正暁 PDF
University of Toronto トロント滞在にて得た体験・心構え 古市 菜都美 PDF
National University of Singapore シンガポール国立大学に研究留学 井阪 健 PDF
University of Toronto 異なる文化での研究の楽しさと難しさ 竹澤 拓朗 PDF
National University of Singapore シンガポールで見つけた自信と焦り 永田 善也 PDF
University of Toronto トロント大学での交換留学の経験と成果 ~ニューラルネットワークを中心に~ 佐久間 洋司 PDF
University of Toronto トロントでの2ヶ月間 榎本 龍一 PDF

The University of Auckland / Department of Engineering Science

We have not supplied lecturer names, as these change every year, and would need to be changed continuously. Instead of replicating the details, which may change, we have supplied a link to the web page at our University which lists all the program papers and courses which the students can take: https://www.calendar.auckland.ac.nz/en/courses/faculty-of-engineering/engineering-science.html

The University of Queensland / Schools of Engineering

University College London/ Faculty of Engineering Sciences

University of California, Berkeley / Applied Science and Technology Graduate Group, College of Engineering

University of Toronto / Division of Engineering Science, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering